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Manila Kingpin (2011)

Manila Kingpin (2011)

The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga

Mobster Asiong Salonga (ER Ejercito) rules the mean streets of Manila with an iron fist—until he is betrayed by a trusted friend. Manila Kingpin is based on the story of the notorious Tondo, Manila, gang leader Nicasio “Asiong” Salonga, whose true-to-life accounts had been portrayed in several movie versions since 1961 (starring Joseph Estrada). It is also the first Filipino major film produced in black-and-white in the 21st century as well as the returning action genre movie. Before the film was shown, Tikoy Aguiluz requested the producers, through his lawyers, that his directorial credits in the film and promotional tools be removed because the final version of the film can no longer be described as his after the producers made a reedit, re-shoot and music mixing without his involvement. He also demanded that he be allowed to make a director's cut of the film.

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Jorge Estregan Jorge Estregan
as Asiong Salonga
Carla Abellana Carla Abellana
as Fidela
Phillip Salvador Phillip Salvador
as Sgt. Doming Salonga
John Regala John Regala
as Totoy Golem
Baron Geisler Baron Geisler
as Erning Toothpick
Valerie Concepcion Valerie Concepcion
as Mely
J.C. Parker J.C. Parker
as Fe
Paloma Paloma
as Rosing
Yul Servo Yul Servo
as Bimbo
Dennis Padilla Dennis Padilla
as Tambol
Ketchup Eusebio Ketchup Eusebio
as Kiko
Ping Medina Ping Medina
as Piring
Gerald Ejercito Gerald Ejercito
as Badong
Amay Bisaya Amay Bisaya
as Ayes Gago
Ronnie Lazaro Ronnie Lazaro
as Zapanta
Roi Vinzon Roi Vinzon
as Viray
Joko Diaz Joko Diaz
as Pepeng Hapon
Archie Adamos Archie Adamos
as Turong Pajo
Perla Bautista Perla Bautista
as Maria Salonga
Robert Arevalo Robert Arevalo
as Cando Salonga
Soliman Cruz Soliman Cruz
as Soliman
Sunshine Teodoro Sunshine Teodoro
as Bar Owner
Roldan Aquino Roldan Aquino
as MPD Chief of Police
Raul Morit Raul Morit
as LP Councilor
Jay Manalo Jay Manalo
as Guardame
Ely Buendia Ely Buendia
as Band Lead Singer
Marissa Sanchez Marissa Sanchez
as Tia Carmen
Dante Rivero Dante Rivero
as Mang Luis
Tikoy Aguiluz Tikoy Aguiluz
Gary dela Cruz Gary dela Cruz
Roy Iglesias Roy Iglesias
Rey Ventura Rey Ventura