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Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017)

Magical Christmas Ornaments (2017)

When Marie begins receiving ornaments from her mother, a new coincidental blessing comes with each one, causing Marie to feel more excited for the holidays than she has in years. Marie’s once-lost Christmas spirit gets another boost when she meets her handsome neighbor Nate and feels a spark with him while celebrating the season.

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    love this movie

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    god bless u, i'll finally watch this movie

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Jessica Lowndes Jessica Lowndes
as Marie
Brendan Penny Brendan Penny
as Nate
Tim Matheson Tim Matheson
as JP Presley
Farah Merani Farah Merani
as Andi
Stephen Huszar Stephen Huszar
as Clark
Judah Katz Judah Katz
as Henry
Lindsay Leese Lindsay Leese
as Linda
Anthony Ulc Anthony Ulc
as Alex
Kristen Kurnik Kristen Kurnik
as Leslie
Hattie Kragten Hattie Kragten
as Skylar
Julianne Alexander Julianne Alexander
as Madison
Lukas Engel Lukas Engel
as George
Darrell Faria Darrell Faria
as Bryan
Cherisse Woonsam Cherisse Woonsam
as Lucy
Richard Waugh Richard Waugh
as Mailman
Neil Whitely Neil Whitely
as Administrator
Pierre Simpson Pierre Simpson
as Chef Marcel
Tedde Moore Tedde Moore
as Betsy
Don McBrearty Don McBrearty
Rickie Castaneda Rickie Castaneda
Jessica Reis Jessica Reis
Marek Posival Marek Posival
Lewis Chesler Lewis Chesler
Executive Producer
David Perlmutter David Perlmutter
Executive Producer
Dominique Telson Dominique Telson
Executive Producer

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