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Bar Boys (2017)

Bar Boys (2017)

A group of friends enter the dog-eat-dog world of law school

The misadventures of three young men who try their luck in the college of law. As their friendship, families, relationships and convictions are brought to breaking point, they must keep their heads and emotions together as they prepare for the big day.

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  • Irwin Imai says :

    A bit slow from the outset but definitely worth the watch.

  • Alva Amburgey says :

    omg I wanted this movie! Thanks for sharing!

  • Zola Zollner says :

    As a former on the lookout for this all over! *_* Appreciate it so much~!

  • May Mouzon says :

    Hello! I became sooo happy to uncover this movie, been looking recycle online everywhere - so appreciate it!

Carlo Aquino Carlo Aquino
as Erik Vivencio
Kean Cipriano Kean Cipriano
as Torran Garcia
Enzo Pineda Enzo Pineda
as Chris
Rocco Nacino Rocco Nacino
as Joshua
Anna Luna Anna Luna
Mailes Kanapi Mailes Kanapi
Sebastian Castro Sebastian Castro
Hazel Faith Dela Cruz Hazel Faith Dela Cruz
Pontri Bernardo Pontri Bernardo
Maey Bautista Maey Bautista
Rener Concepcion Rener Concepcion
Irene Celebre Irene Celebre
Vance Larena Vance Larena
Lharby Policarpio Lharby Policarpio
Odette Khan Odette Khan
Kip Oebanda Kip Oebanda
Kip Oebanda Kip Oebanda