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Offline: Are You Ready for the Next Level? (2017)

Offline: Are You Ready for the Next Level? (2017)

Champion gamer Jan has to fight for his digital identity, winning back his real life as well.

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Moritz Jahn Moritz Jahn
as Jan
Mala Emde Mala Emde
as Karo
Florence Kasumba Florence Kasumba
as Skuld
Ugur Ekeroglu Ugur Ekeroglu
as Deniz
Henning Peker Henning Peker
as Frigg
Daniele Rizzo Daniele Rizzo
as Daniele Rizzo
David Schütter David Schütter
as Ben
Hannes Wegener Hannes Wegener
as Tristan
Marc Zwinz Marc Zwinz
as Heimdall
Yung Ngo Yung Ngo
as Quang
Kida Khodr Ramadan Kida Khodr Ramadan
as Cron
Paul Schlösser Paul Schlösser
as Eric
Jürgen Haug Jürgen Haug
as Bach
Amelie Plaas-Link Amelie Plaas-Link
as Jule
Björn Pankratz Björn Pankratz
as Raidleiter
Vilmar Bieri Vilmar Bieri
as Polizist Berger
Frank W. Rima Frank W. Rima
as Wirtshausstammgast
Bernd Würch Bernd Würch
as Security
Florian Schnell Florian Schnell
Florian Schnell Florian Schnell
Jan Cronauer Jan Cronauer
Renée Abe Renée Abe
Marius Kirsten Marius Kirsten
Johanna John Johanna John
Production Design
Jana Reinhardt Jana Reinhardt
Manolya Mutlu Manolya Mutlu