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American Assassin (2017)

American Assassin (2017)

A story centered on counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp.

Following the murder of his fiancée, Mitch Rapp trains under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley. The pair then is enlisted to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on military and civilian targets.

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Dylan O'Brien Dylan O'Brien
as Mitch Rapp
Michael Keaton Michael Keaton
as Stan Hurley
Sanaa Lathan Sanaa Lathan
as Irene Kennedy
Taylor Kitsch Taylor Kitsch
as Ghost
Scott Adkins Scott Adkins
as Victor
David Suchet David Suchet
as Director Stansfield
Shiva Negar Shiva Negar
as Annika
Navid Negahban Navid Negahban
as Minister Behurz
Trevor White Trevor White
as Dr. Frain
Alaa Safi Alaa Safi
as Javeed
Kamil Lemieszewski Kamil Lemieszewski
as Waiter
Joost Janssen Joost Janssen
as American Operator
Jorge Leon Martinez Jorge Leon Martinez
as CIA Agent
Michael Wildman Michael Wildman
as Orion Instructor
Sydney White Sydney White
as Emily
Joseph Long Joseph Long
as General Rostami
Ronan Summers Ronan Summers
as Captain Eisenhower
Kola Bokinni Kola Bokinni
as Destroyer Boson
Dacio Caballero Dacio Caballero
as Camorra
Andrew Pleavin Andrew Pleavin
as Admiral Bristow
Charlotte Vega Charlotte Vega
as Katrina
Christopher Bomford Christopher Bomford
as Bartender
Christopher Webster Christopher Webster
as Mansur Recruit Video
Shahid Ahmed Shahid Ahmed
as Adnan Al-Mansur
Buster Reeves Buster Reeves
as Martial Arts Instructor
Nick Cavaliere Nick Cavaliere
as Building Superintendent
Simon Connolly Simon Connolly
as NSA Techie
Yousef Sweid Yousef Sweid
as Khaled
Adam Collins Adam Collins
as American Operator #2 (Mansur Compound)
Jeff Davis Jeff Davis
as CIA Officer Giving Nuke Intel
Mohammad Bakri Mohammad Bakri
as Ashani
Gjevat Kelmendi Gjevat Kelmendi
as Vladik
Damian Dudkiewicz Damian Dudkiewicz
as Warsaw Cop
Alexis Barron Alexis Barron
as Pregnant Woman
Nej Adamson Nej Adamson
as Turkish Operative
Khalid Laith Khalid Laith
as Sharif
Aso Sherabayani Aso Sherabayani
as Turkish MP
Tolga Safer Tolga Safer
as Kamil, Sharif's Assistant
Göksun Çam Göksun Çam
as Sharif's Mistress
Jake Mann Jake Mann
as Ben
Bruno Bilotta Bruno Bilotta
as Keys
Martina Brusco Martina Brusco
as Hotel Concierge
Vladimir Friedman Vladimir Friedman
as Borys Bartosh
Roberto Sgarbi Roberto Sgarbi
as Stolen Car Owner
Sharif Dorani Sharif Dorani
as Iranian Nuclear Physicist
Shani Erez Shani Erez
as Female Mossad Agent
Bentley Kalu Bentley Kalu
as Delta One Lead
Josh Danford Josh Danford
as CIA Officer #3
Stephen Shafer Stephen Shafer
as Blackhawk Pilot
Matt Rippy Matt Rippy
as USS Flynn Captain
Adam Robertson Adam Robertson
as Damage Control Officer
Michael Cuesta Michael Cuesta
Michael Finch Michael Finch
Marshall Herskovitz Marshall Herskovitz
Edward Zwick Edward Zwick
Stephen Schiff Stephen Schiff
Vince Flynn Vince Flynn
Lorenzo di Bonaventura Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Nick Wechsler Nick Wechsler
Aidan Elliott Aidan Elliott
Marco Valerio Pugini Marco Valerio Pugini
Line Producer
Daniel M. Stillman Daniel M. Stillman
Executive Producer
Enrique Chediak Enrique Chediak
Elaine Grainger Elaine Grainger