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We Are Not Alone (2016)

We Are Not Alone (2016)

A family, Mateo, Monica and eight year old Sofia, move into a house on the outskirts of Lima. From the first night, the girl is haunted by a terrifying being. These harassments become every time more violent and disturbing, and soon enough will require the presence of a priest, who will try to help without imagining the consequences.

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Fiorella Diaz Fiorella Diaz
as Monica
Marco Zunino Marco Zunino
as Mateo
Zoe Arévalo Zoe Arévalo
as Sofia
Lucho Cáceres Lucho Cáceres
as Padre Rafael
Daniel Rodríguez Daniel Rodríguez
Daniel Rodríguez Daniel Rodríguez
Gonzalo Rodríguez Risco Gonzalo Rodríguez Risco
Julián Estrada Julián Estrada