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1898. Our Last Men in the Philippines (2016)

1898. Our Last Men in the Philippines (2016)

The Spanish troops in the Philippines Have to fight for their lives as they are forgot by the Spanish Empire

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  • Wesley Wynter says :

    A must watch movie. 10/10.

  • Theodore Torgerson says :

    A tiny bit slow before you start but definitely worth the watch.

  • Justina Jeanes says :

    thanks considerably in this :D..Really appreciate your effort.

  • Shelly Senn says :

    thanks considerably to do this :D..Really appreciate your effort.

Ricardo Gómez Ricardo Gómez
as José
Karra Elejalde Karra Elejalde
as Fray Carmelo
Luis Tosar Luis Tosar
as Teniente Martín Cerezo
Alexandra Masangkay Alexandra Masangkay
as Teresa (Indígena)
Javier Gutiérrez Javier Gutiérrez
as Sargento Jimeno
Patrick Criado Patrick Criado
as Juan
Eduard Fernández Eduard Fernández
as Enrique de las Morenas
Carlos Hipólito Carlos Hipólito
as Doctor Vigil
Emilio Palacios Emilio Palacios
as Moisés
Miguel Herrán Miguel Herrán
as Soldado Carvajal
Álvaro Cervantes Álvaro Cervantes
as Carlos
Pedro Casablanc Pedro Casablanc
as Teniente Coronel Cristóbal Aguilar
Raymond Bagatsing Raymond Bagatsing
as Comandante Luna
Ciro Miró Ciro Miró
as Jinete
Frank Spano Frank Spano
as Emisario Tagalo
Salvador Calvo Salvador Calvo
Enrique Cerezo Enrique Cerezo