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Counter Clockwise (2016)

Counter Clockwise (2016)

To change the future, he must change the past.

Counter Clockwise is a sci-fi thriller/dark comedy about a scientist who accidentally invents time travel and is zapped six months into the future. He finds himself in a sinister upside down world where his wife and sister are murdered and he's the main suspect. He's forced to go back in time to uncover the mystery surrounding their deaths.

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    Hope this video lives up with the all of the hype

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    Hope this video lives up in the lots of the hype

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    I always aspired to watch this movie! Thanks a lot much for sharing such a funny thing! \(^-^)/

Michael Kopelow Michael Kopelow
as Ethan
Michael Kopelow Michael Kopelow
as Ceil
Devon Ogden Devon Ogden
as Tiffany
Kerry Knuppe Kerry Knuppe
as Fiona
Joy Rinaldi Joy Rinaldi
as Estella
Caleb Brown Caleb Brown
as Rossio
Frank Simms Frank Simms
as Roman
George Moïse George Moïse
Michael Kopelow Michael Kopelow
George Moïse George Moïse
Walter Moise Walter Moise