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Changeling (2008)

Changeling (2008)

To find her son, she did what no one else dared.

Christine Collins is overjoyed when her kidnapped son is brought back home. But when Christine suspects that the boy returned to her isn't her child, the police captain has her committed to an asylum.

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Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie
as Christine Collins
Jeffrey Donovan Jeffrey Donovan
as J.J. Jones
John Malkovich John Malkovich
as Rev. Gustav Briegleb
Geoff Pierson Geoff Pierson
as S.S. Hahn
Amy Ryan Amy Ryan
as Character
Gattlin Griffith Gattlin Griffith
as Walter Collins
Michelle Gunn Michelle Gunn
as Sandy
Frank Wood Frank Wood
as Ben Harris
Colm Feore Colm Feore
as Chief James E. Davis
Michael Kelly Michael Kelly
as Detective Lester Ybarra
Denis O'Hare Denis O'Hare
as Dr. Jonathan Steele
Jeffrey Hutchinson Jeffrey Hutchinson
as Mr. Clay
Devon Conti Devon Conti
as Arthur Hutchins
Peter Breitmayer Peter Breitmayer
as Chairman Thorpe
Antonia Bennett Antonia Bennett
as Operator
Erica Grant Erica Grant
as Operator
Jan Devereaux Jan Devereaux
as Operator
Kerri Randles Kerri Randles
as Operator
Morgan Eastwood Morgan Eastwood
as Girl on Tricycle
Ric Sarabia Ric Sarabia
as Man at Diner
Debra Christofferson Debra Christofferson
as Police Matron at Train
Russell Edge Russell Edge
as Reporter at Train
Mary Stein Mary Stein
as Janet Hutchins
Gregg Binkley Gregg Binkley
as Jury Foreman
E.J. Callahan E.J. Callahan
as Warden
Reed Birney Reed Birney
as Mayor Cryer
Colby French Colby French
as Bob Clark
Kelly Lynn Warren Kelly Lynn Warren
as Rachel Clark
Richard King Richard King
as Mountie
William Charlton William Charlton
as Prison Guard
Cooper Thornton Cooper Thornton
as Prison Guard
J.P. Bumstead J.P. Bumstead
as Cook
Peter Gerety Peter Gerety
as Dr. Earl W. Tarr
John Harrington Bland John Harrington Bland
as Dr. John Montgomery
Pamela Dunlap Pamela Dunlap
as Mrs. Fox
Roger Hewlett Roger Hewlett
as Officer Morelli
Jim Cantafio Jim Cantafio
as Desk Sergeant
Wendy Worthington Wendy Worthington
as Reception Nurse
Riki Lindhome Riki Lindhome
as Examination Nurse
Dale Dickey Dale Dickey
as Patient
Jason Butler Harner Jason Butler Harner
as Gordon Northcott
Eddie Alderson Eddie Alderson
as Sanford Clark
Michael McCafferty Michael McCafferty
as Ticket Vendor
David Goldman David Goldman
as Administrator
Anthony De Marco Anthony De Marco
as Abducted Kid
Kevin Glikmann Kevin Glikmann
as Male Orderly
Hope Shapiro Hope Shapiro
as Medication Nurse
Caleb Campbell Caleb Campbell
as Backup Detective
Zach Mills Zach Mills
as News Vendor
Scott Leva Scott Leva
as Mountie
Clint Ward Clint Ward
as Mountie
Michael Dempsey Michael Dempsey
as Man on Street
Phil Van Tee Phil Van Tee
as Councilman
Jim Nieb Jim Nieb
as Reporter at Hearing
Pete Rockwell Pete Rockwell
as Reporter at Precinct
Lily Knight Lily Knight
as Mrs. Leanne Clay
Ryan Cutrona Ryan Cutrona
as Judge
Devon Gearhart Devon Gearhart
as Winslow Boy
Andre Alexsen Andre Alexsen
as La City Councilman (uncredited)
William Brent William Brent
as Screaming Boy (voice, uncredited)
Jason Ciok Jason Ciok
as Interviewer (uncredited)
Wrong Wrong
as Councilman's Wife (uncredited)
Dominick Dunne Dominick Dunne
as Man on Jury (uncredited)
Leslie Gunning Leslie Gunning
as Train Passenger (uncredited)
Patrizia Milano Patrizia Milano
as Train Passenger (uncredited)
Kerry Hennessy Kerry Hennessy
as Church Member / Protestor / Witness (uncredited)
Bruce Holman Bruce Holman
as Execution Observer (uncredited)
Christopher Karl Johnson Christopher Karl Johnson
as Protester / Man on Corner with Newspaper Smoking (uncredited)
Jen Lilley Jen Lilley
as Switchboard Operator (uncredited)
Darin Mangan Darin Mangan
as Witness (uncredited)
Michael Saglimbeni Michael Saglimbeni
as Reporter (uncredited)
John H. Tobin John H. Tobin
as Northcott Defense Counsel (uncredited)
George F. Watson George F. Watson
as Machine Gun Assassination Squad Leader (uncredited)
JW Wiseman JW Wiseman
as Orderly #2 (uncredited)
Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood
J. Michael Straczynski J. Michael Straczynski
Ron Howard Ron Howard
Robert Lorenz Robert Lorenz
Brian Grazer Brian Grazer
Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood
Joel Cox Joel Cox
Gary D. Roach Gary D. Roach
Ellen Chenoweth Ellen Chenoweth
James J. Murakami James J. Murakami
Production Design
Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. Patrick M. Sullivan Jr.
Art Direction
Gary Fettis Gary Fettis
Set Decoration
Deborah Hopper Deborah Hopper
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Tom Stern Tom Stern
Director of Photography
Scott Leva Scott Leva
Utility Stunts
Audrey Chon Audrey Chon
Executive Producer
Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood
Tim Moore Tim Moore
Executive Producer
James Whitaker James Whitaker
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Zoe Hay Zoe Hay
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Visual Effects Supervisor
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