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Heaven on Earth (2015)

Heaven on Earth (2015)

A life-affirming story about how the power of love, music and dance can change people. This is a standalone sequel to "As it is in Heaven" by director Kay Pollak.

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  • Jamaal Jarnagin says :

    Now finished watching the movie. Thanks so much for uploading this!

  • Scottie Sarvis says :

    Great movie, Worth to Watch! 9/10.

  • Krystle Keesling says :

    Thanks much for sharing, I enjoyed watching it.

Frida Hallgren Frida Hallgren
as Lena
Jakob Oftebro Jakob Oftebro
as Axel
Lennart Jähkel Lennart Jähkel
as Arne
Niklas Falk Niklas Falk
as Stig
Maria Sid Maria Sid
as Helena
Ylva Lööf Ylva Lööf
as Siv
Axelle Axell Axelle Axell
as Florence
André Sjöberg André Sjöberg
as Tore
Mikael Rahm Mikael Rahm
as Holmfrid
Thomas Hanzon Thomas Hanzon
as Bruno
Björn Granath Björn Granath
as Bjelke
Björn Bengtsson Björn Bengtsson
as Jonas
Eric Ericson Eric Ericson
as Verner
Lasse Petterson Lasse Petterson
as Erik
Kay Pollak Kay Pollak
Kay Pollak Kay Pollak
Carin Pollack Carin Pollack
Anders Birkeland Anders Birkeland
Göran Lindström Göran Lindström