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Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin (1978)

Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin (1978)

Jackie Chan stars as the young warrior Hsu Yiu Fong. Hsu has been entrusted with the book of the "Art of the Snake and Crane," after the mysterious disappearance of the eight Shaolin Masters who had written it. He must fight off numerous clans who are all attempting to steal the book from him, to find out the true reason for the disappearance of the Shaolin Masters.

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Jackie Chan Jackie Chan
as Hsu Yin-Fung
Nora Miao Nora Miao
as Tang Pin-Er
Kam Kong Kam Kong
as Master Chin the Black Dragon Gang
Kim Jeong-Nan Kim Jeong-Nan
as Hung Chu / Yellow Pearl
Lee Wing-Kwok Lee Wing-Kwok
Lau Nga-Ying Lau Nga-Ying
as Lady Sun
Miao Tian Miao Tian
as Leader Gu
Lee Man-Tai Lee Man-Tai
as Old Beggar
Miu Tak-San Miu Tak-San
as Oddball Lu
Tung Lam Tung Lam
as Master Huang of Fort Tiger
Wong Gwan Wong Gwan
as Lady Sun double
Liu Ping Liu Ping
as Hung Chu's Uncle
Ho Kang Ho Kang
as Restaurant owner
Lin Chao-Hsiung Lin Chao-Hsiung
as Ping-Er's guard
Li Min-Lang Li Min-Lang
as Lady Sun's guard
To Wai-Wo To Wai-Wo
as Ting brother
Chan San-Yat Chan San-Yat
as One of the 8 masters
Wong Chi-Sang Wong Chi-Sang
as Hsiang West Brother
Kim Wang-Kuk Kim Wang-Kuk
as Iron Fist
Peng Kong Peng Kong
as Hsiang West Brother
Tit Yan Tit Yan
as Steamed bun vendor
Cheung San-Yee Cheung San-Yee
Chen Chi-Hwa Chen Chi-Hwa