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From Vegas to Macau II (2015)

From Vegas to Macau II (2015)

Chow Yun-fat is back as the titular gambler, Ken, with the magic hand. This time, the movie exaggerates his skills with CGI poker cards until it almost becomes a fantasy. But that's to be expected in a Wong Jing's movie. This time, the location is shifted to Thailand where Mark (Nick Cheung), an accountant in a money-laundering syndicate, DOA, is chased by Interpol and DOA. Ken has to save him and help his protégé, Vincent (Shawn Yue). Wong Jing tries to pack in everything that is entertaining into a 2 hours movie. Though it feels bloated, expect a lot of crazy and random fun. Don't expect a coherent story and character development and it will be an enjoyable entertainment. Action is ramped out. The action scene in the middle sees a break-in of the safe house with lots of explosion and gunfire. The movie's climax turns into a CGI set where a fight breaks out in an airplane. Music is serviceable. Direction and acting is fine too.

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Chow Yun-fat Chow Yun-fat
as Ken
Shawn Yue Shawn Yue
as Vincent
Carina Lau Carina Lau
as Molly
Nick Cheung Nick Cheung
as Mark
David Chiang David Chiang
as Victor
Kimmy Tong Fei Kimmy Tong Fei
as Rainbow
Michelle Hu Ran Michelle Hu Ran
as Purple, Aoi's assassin
Bella Law Bella Law
as Victor's daughter
Angela Wang Angela Wang
as Yan, Mark's daughter
Yuan Quan Yuan Quan
as Mark's ex-wife
Jin Qiaoqiao Jin Qiaoqiao
as Aoi
Philip Keung Philip Keung
as Ma Tai-Fat
Zaneta Wong Zaneta Wong
as Ma Tai Fat's companion
Andy Lau Andy Lau
as Michael, Knight of Gamblers
Wong Jing Wong Jing
Andrew Lau Andrew Lau
Wong Jing Wong Jing
Andrew Lau Andrew Lau
Azrael Chung Wai-Chiu Azrael Chung Wai-Chiu
Andrew Cheuk Andrew Cheuk
Production Design
Kwong Wing Chan Kwong Wing Chan