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Landmine Goes Click (2015)

Landmine Goes Click (2015)

Dare to step off.

After an American tourist steps on a landmine, he is forced to watch his girlfriend get assaulted.

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  • Stanley Stahl says :

    I do think that for these movie you ought to appreciate the visual effects

  • Marlin Mchugh says :

    Essential watch movie. 10/10.

  • Etha Evitt says :

    It looks like that for these types of movie you might want to appreciate the visual effects

  • Shelly Senn says :

    A lttle bit slow before you start but worth the watch.

  • Pa Parenti says :

    Video quality is absolutly awesome!

  • Monnie Mcamis says :

    thank u..... for upload this movie. This is certainly my all time fav. movie to. Thank u so much.

Sterling Knight Sterling Knight
as Chris
Spencer Locke Spencer Locke
as Alicia
Dean Geyer Dean Geyer
as Daniel
Kote Tolordava Kote Tolordava
as Ilya
Giorgi Tsaava Giorgi Tsaava
as Devi
Helen Nelson Helen Nelson
as Lika
Nana Kiknadze Nana Kiknadze
as Tanya
Nika Apriashvili Nika Apriashvili
as Sergi
Levan Bakhia Levan Bakhia
Adrian Colussi Adrian Colussi