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The Famous Five 4 (2015)

The Famous Five 4 (2015)

The famous five George, Julian, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog are spending holidays together. But when they are invited by Berhard, father of Julian, Dick and Anne, to visit an egyptian exhibition they see a burglar. They have a look at the mummy the burglar was tempering with to find a golden amulet. The famous five decide to visit Egypt to hand over the amulet. When arriving in Egypt Bernhard is arrested because he's asserted he stole the amulet and replaced it with a fake. Now its up to the young detectives to solve the case and prove their fathers innocence.

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Valeria Eisenbart Valeria Eisenbart
as George
Quirin Oettl Quirin Oettl
as Julian
Justus Schlingensiepen Justus Schlingensiepen
as Dick
Neele-Marie Nickel Neele-Marie Nickel
as Anne
Samuel Finzi Samuel Finzi
as Bernhard Kirrin
Adnan Maral Adnan Maral
as Ramsi
Pasquale Aleardi Pasquale Aleardi
as Staatsanwalt
Ramin Yazdani Ramin Yazdani
as Ibrahim
Mike Marzuk Mike Marzuk
Simon Hauschild Simon Hauschild
Peer Klehmet Peer Klehmet
Sebastian Wehlings Sebastian Wehlings
Martin Moszkowicz Martin Moszkowicz
Clifford Werber Clifford Werber
Executive Producer
Wolfram de Marco Wolfram de Marco
Stefany Pohlmann Stefany Pohlmann