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Rise of the Legend (2014)

Rise of the Legend (2014)

In 1868 during the late Qing Dynasty, rampant corruption on the Imperial Court inflicts much suffering in people's lives. For years, the Black Tiger’s fearsome boss Lei Gong has been trying to get rid of the leader of the Northern Sea. One of his latest recruits is Fei, a fearless fighter who takes the Northern Sea leader’s head after a fierce fight. Just as Lei Gong believes he has total control of the port, a new gang called the Orphans rises in power. Led by Fei’s childhood friend Huo, the Orphans are out to eliminate all the criminal power from the port…

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Eddie Peng Eddie Peng
as Wong Fei-Hung
AngelaBaby AngelaBaby
as Orchid
Sammo Hung Sammo Hung
as Master Lui
Tony Leung Ka-Fai Tony Leung Ka-Fai
as Fei's father
Jing Boran Jing Boran
as Fiery
Wong Cho-lam Wong Cho-lam
as Big Tooth
Zhang Jin Zhang Jin
as Wu Long
Feng Jia-Yi Feng Jia-Yi
as North Evil
Wang Luo-Dan Wang Luo-Dan
as Chun
Qin Jun-Jie Qin Jun-Jie
as Foon
Byron Mann Byron Mann
as Black Crow
Gao Tai-Yu Gao Tai-Yu
as Wing
Julius Brian Siswojo Julius Brian Siswojo
as Old Snake
Phat Chan Fei Phat Chan Fei
as Fat
Jiang Zhong-Wei Jiang Zhong-Wei
as Smiley
Lo Pei-An Lo Pei-An
as Monk Fak Hong
Chen Zhi-Hui Chen Zhi-Hui
as North Sea gang master
Fan Kuang-Yao Fan Kuang-Yao
as Blind storyteller
Miroslav Karel Miroslav Karel
as Slave boss
Mike Leeder Mike Leeder
as Slave boss
Roy Chow Hin-Yeung Roy Chow Hin-Yeung
Christine To Christine To
Sammo Hung Sammo Hung
Ivy Ho Ivy Ho
Lau Yee-Tung Lau Yee-Tung
Corey Yuen Kwai Corey Yuen Kwai
Martial Arts Choreographer
Ryuhei Chiba Ryuhei Chiba
Executive Producer
William Kong William Kong
Executive Producer
Hugh Simon Hugh Simon
Executive Producer
Umebayashi Shigeru Umebayashi Shigeru
Man-Ching Ng Man-Ching Ng
Cheung Ka-Fai Cheung Ka-Fai
Tang Man-To Tang Man-To
Pater Wong Pater Wong
Art Direction
Stephanie Wong Stephanie Wong
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
VFx Star VFx Star
Visual Effects
Visual Effects
Jatinder Singh Manhas Jatinder Singh Manhas
Visual Effects
Visual Effects