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Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014)

Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014)

Beyond Vengeance

Set in the 19th century, when lowly butcher Dol Moo-Chi refuses to carry out an assignment, his failure causes tragedy to unfold upon his family and himself. As Dol Moo-Chi is about to be executed, a group of righteous thieves known as Kundo arrive.

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Ha Jung-woo Ha Jung-woo
as Dol Moo Chi
Lee Sung-min Lee Sung-min
as Dae-Ho
Ma Dong-seok Ma Dong-seok
as Chun-Bo
Yoon Ji-hye Yoon Ji-hye
as Ma-Hyang
Jeong Man-sik Jeong Man-sik
as Butler Yang
Kim Sung-kyun Kim Sung-kyun
as Jang
Song Young-chang Song Young-chang
as Nobleman Jo
Kim Hae-sook Kim Hae-sook
as Dol Moo Chi's mother
Han Ye-ri Han Ye-ri
as Gok-ji
Kang Dong-won Kang Dong-won
as Jo-yoon
Lee Kyoung-young Lee Kyoung-young
as Ttaeng-choo
Lee Da-wit Lee Da-wit
as Jo Seo-in
Nam Da-reum Nam Da-reum
as Jo-yoon (young)
Park Myung-shin Park Myung-shin
as Choi's wife
Cho Jin-woong Cho Jin-woong
as Lee Tae-Ki
Yoon Jong-bin Yoon Jong-bin
Yoon Jong-bin Yoon Jong-bin