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The Ever After (2015)

The Ever After (2015)

Ava and Thomas live--to outside eyes--the good life, complete with a child and a lovely home in Los Angeles, but something is lost. Ava has placed her acting career on hold to play the mother and good wife, while Thomas' job as a fashion photographer puts him in dangerously tempting situations. When trauma strikes, they must confront their innermost vulnerabilities to recover their disintegrating marriage.

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    love this movie

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    Great movie, Worth to Watch! 9/10.

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Mark Webber Mark Webber
as Thomas
Teresa Palmer Teresa Palmer
as Ava
Rosario Dawson Rosario Dawson
as Rosario Dawson
Melissa Leo Melissa Leo
Phoebe Tonkin Phoebe Tonkin
as Mabel
Scott Mescudi Scott Mescudi
as Scott
Joshua Leonard Joshua Leonard
as Christian
Tahyna Tozzi Tahyna Tozzi
as Ms. Sanders
Gemma Pranita Gemma Pranita
as Naja
Tom Bower Tom Bower
as Father O'Meara
Moby Moby
as Moby
Korrina Rico Korrina Rico
as Geraldine
Brooke Stone Brooke Stone
as Brooke
Kiersten Hall Kiersten Hall
as Sveltlana
Chris Labadie Chris Labadie
as Bartender
Luke Baines Luke Baines
as Luke Baines
Greg Lucey Greg Lucey
as Doctor
Masha Silberberg Masha Silberberg
as Bar girl
Lucy Wolvert Lucy Wolvert
as Loretta
Johanna Stickland Johanna Stickland
as Abbey
Mark Webber Mark Webber
Teresa Palmer Teresa Palmer
Eric Binns Eric Binns
Mark Webber Mark Webber
Chris Ivan Cevic Chris Ivan Cevic
Elizabeth Destro Elizabeth Destro
Teresa Palmer Teresa Palmer
Mark Webber Mark Webber