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The Similars (2015)

The Similars (2015)

7 billion people in the world or just one?

A science fiction thriller that takes place in 1968´s Mexico and deals with identity in a metaphorical way, as the plot involves a mysterious condition that makes all persons locked inside a bus station on a rainy night to adopt the same face and features.

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  • Malik Mcclinton says :

    Fairly slow from the outset but well worth the watch.

  • Grant Gin says :

    love this movie

  • Kendall Kovats says :

    Hope this video lives up in the the many hype

  • Dalila Derosia says :

    god bless u, allow me to finally watch this movie

  • Takako Teeter says :

    god bless u, i finally watch this movie

  • Akilah Ambrose says :

    god bless u, i finally watch this movie

Gustavo Sánchez Parra Gustavo Sánchez Parra
as Ulises
Luis Alberti Luis Alberti
as Policeman
Carmen Beato Carmen Beato
as Gertrudis
Fernando Becerril Fernando Becerril
as Martín
Humberto Busto Humberto Busto
as Álvaro
Cassandra Ciangherotti Cassandra Ciangherotti
as Irene
Pablo Guisa Koestinger Pablo Guisa Koestinger
as Bus driver
María Elena Olivares María Elena Olivares
as Roberta
Santiago Torres Santiago Torres
as Ignacio
Alberto Estrella Alberto Estrella
as Detective Reyes
Catalina Salas Catalina Salas
as Rosa
Isaac Ezban Isaac Ezban
Isaac Ezban Isaac Ezban

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