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Mad Love (2014)

Mad Love (2014)

A "romantic comedy" based loosely on the suicide of the poet Henrich von Kleist in 1811.

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Christian Friedel Christian Friedel
as Heinrich
Birte Schnoeink Birte Schnoeink
as Henriette
Stephan Grossmann Stephan Grossmann
as Friedrich Louis Vogel
Katharina Schüttler Katharina Schüttler
as Sophie
Hana Sofia Lopes Hana Sofia Lopes
as ältere Schwester
Eva-Maria Kurz Eva-Maria Kurz
as Verwandte
Sandra Hüller Sandra Hüller
as Marie
Gustav-Peter Wöhler Gustav-Peter Wöhler
as Hypnotiseur
Peter Jordan Peter Jordan
as Adam Müller
Alissa Wilms Alissa Wilms
as Dienstmädchen Dörte
Paraschiva Dragus Paraschiva Dragus
as Pauline
Marie-Paule von Roesgen Marie-Paule von Roesgen
as Frau von Massow
Marc Bischoff Marc Bischoff
as Peguilhen
Holger Handtke Holger Handtke
as Arzt
Barbara Schnitzler Barbara Schnitzler
as Mutter
Christina Landshamer Christina Landshamer
as Frau von Krahl
Gerold Huber Gerold Huber
as Pianist
Nickel Bösenberg Nickel Bösenberg
as Gendarm
Josiane Pfeiffer Josiane Pfeiffer
as Dame in Kutsche
Gerhard Gdowiok Gerhard Gdowiok
as Diener der Frau von Massow
Andreina De Martin Andreina De Martin
as Lisette Balldam
Rosa Enskat Rosa Enskat
as Ulrike
Sebastian Hülk Sebastian Hülk
as Ernst von Pfuel
Vincent Krüger Vincent Krüger
as Kaufmann 1
Thomas Wehling Thomas Wehling
as Kaufmann 2
Cornelius Schwalm Cornelius Schwalm
as Freimann
Jessica Hausner Jessica Hausner
Jessica Hausner Jessica Hausner
Martin Gschlacht Martin Gschlacht
Karina Ressler Karina Ressler