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Necroland (2015)

Necroland (2015)

In an instant, 80% of the worlds population has turned into rage humans and the weather has gone out of control. Inside all of this chaos, the remaining survivors attempt to unravel the answers to this convoluted mystery.

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Kelly Molitor Kelly Molitor
as Charlynn Reese
Nathan Quinn Nathan Quinn
as Nicholas Hofstra
David Melcher David Melcher
as Iydan "Rom" Romulus
Brad Watts Brad Watts
as Tate Montgomery
Evangelina Klein Evangelina Klein
as Fiona
Ariana Couture Ariana Couture
as Lotus
Isabella Gielniak Isabella Gielniak
as Ariel Brenner
Kaitlyn Alexis McGlaughlin Kaitlyn Alexis McGlaughlin
as Gage
Ethan Markus Ethan Markus
as Logan
Leah Barkoff Leah Barkoff
as Corporal Whitney Zane
Devan Sims Devan Sims
as Carter
Jojuan Westmoreland Jojuan Westmoreland
as Isaac Frost
Phil Hughes Phil Hughes
as Dr. Simon 'Sci' Drake
Billy Whitehouse Billy Whitehouse
as Clint Bartz
William C Fox William C Fox
as Tobias Wirth
Alan Canning Alan Canning
as President Fisher Wayland
Nikita Breznikov Nikita Breznikov
as Nikolai Bulba
Jerome Boyle Jerome Boyle
as Dr. David McDonald
Andrew McGeachie Andrew McGeachie
as Captain Damian Lawrence
Robert Yates Robert Yates
as Sgt. Major Savage
Alan Boyd Alan Boyd
as Sgt. Day
Derek McEwan Derek McEwan
as Redmann
Tony Semanik Tony Semanik
as Skyler Boyd
Haleina Motts Haleina Motts
as Hannah Wayland
Trisha Motts Trisha Motts
as KC Rundall
Dennis Doyle Jr. Dennis Doyle Jr.
as Leo Rundall
Nathan Quinn Nathan Quinn
Nathan Quinn Nathan Quinn
Nathan Quinn Nathan Quinn
Tony Semanik Tony Semanik
Line Producer
John Lennox John Lennox
Stunt Coordinator
Trinity Houston Trinity Houston
Executive Producer