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From Vegas to Macau (2014)

From Vegas to Macau (2014)

The world renowned “Invincible Hand” Ken could identify not only mahjong tiles, but also cards with his fingers which had made him a legend. Upon his retirement as the Chief Security Consultant in Las Vegas, Ken returned to his hometown Macau, where he met his old friend Benz, and Benz’s son Cool and nephew Karl. Both Cool and Karl wanted to follow Ken. Ken claimed that if Cool could successfully cheat him once or win over him, he would then accept Cool as his protégé. Cool’s step brother Lionel, an undercover agent, had disguised his identity in an international gambling mafia which had planned to form an alliance with mafias in illegal gambling from all over the world to control the result of soccer matches. Lionel had recorded the entire conference, with the criminal evidence kept in an imitated eye. The eye was coincidentally given to Rainbow, Ken’s only daughter, which put her in danger. The retired Ken was forced to use his “Magic Hand” once again to uncover the evil plan…

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Chow Yun-fat Chow Yun-fat
as Ken
Nicholas Tse Nicholas Tse
as Cool
Kimmy Tong Fei Kimmy Tong Fei
as Rainbow
Chapman To Chapman To
as Karl
Gao Hu Gao Hu
as Ko
Zhang Jin Zhang Jin
as Ghost Eyes
Jing Tian Jing Tian
as Lorraine Lok Chi-Man
Hui Siu-Hung Hui Siu-Hung
as Benz
Natalie Meng Yao Natalie Meng Yao
as Judy
Philip Ng Philip Ng
as Lionel
Sammy Sum Chun-Hin Sammy Sum Chun-Hin
as Kit
Annie Wu Annie Wu
as Susan
Michael Wong Michael Wong
as Officer Lee
Tony Ho Wah-Chiu Tony Ho Wah-Chiu
as Ko's assistant
Carlos Koo Carlos Koo
as Buddy Ha
Maria Cordero Maria Cordero
as Siu Wan
Bonnie Wong Man-Wai Bonnie Wong Man-Wai
as Mrs Benz
Philip Keung Philip Keung
as Ma Sheung-Fat
Michelle Hu Ran Michelle Hu Ran
as Ko's girl in purple bikini/dress
Winnie Leung Winnie Leung
as Ko's girl in red bikini/dress
Yuki Cheng Ni Yuki Cheng Ni
as Ko's girl in yellow bikini/dress
Candy Yuen Candy Yuen
as Ko's girl in blue bikini/dress
Roberto Losada Rodríguez Roberto Losada Rodríguez
as Sergio
Wong Jing Wong Jing
Wong Jing Wong Jing
Andrew Lau Andrew Lau