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Jarhead (2005)

Jarhead (2005)

Welcome to the suck.

Jarhead is a film about a US Marine Anthony Swofford’s experience in the Gulf War. After putting up with an arduous boot camp, Swafford and his unit are sent to the Persian Gulf where they are earger to fight but are forced to stay back from the action. Meanwhile Swofford gets news of his girlfriend is cheating on him. Desperately he wants to kill someone and finally put his training to use.

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Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx
as Staff Sgt. Sykes
Jake Gyllenhaal Jake Gyllenhaal
as Anthony Swofford
Scott MacDonald Scott MacDonald
as D.I. Fitch
Lucas Black Lucas Black
as Kruger
Peter Sarsgaard Peter Sarsgaard
as Alan Troy
Laz Alonso Laz Alonso
as Ramon Escobar
Chris Cooper Chris Cooper
as Lt. Col. Kazinski
Brian Geraghty Brian Geraghty
as Fergus O'Donnell
Damion Poitier Damion Poitier
as Poitier
John Krasinski John Krasinski
as Corporal Harrigan
Jocko Sims Jocko Sims
as Julius
Kevin Foster Kevin Foster
as Branded Marine
Riad Galayini Riad Galayini
as Nurse
Craig Coyne Craig Coyne
as Young Mr. Swofford
Katherine Randolph Katherine Randolph
as Young Mrs. Swofford
Honorine Bell Honorine Bell
as Swoff's Sister
Dendrie Taylor Dendrie Taylor
as Mrs. Swofford
James Morrison James Morrison
as Mr. Swofford
Ming Lo Ming Lo
as Bored Gunny
Dennis Haysbert Dennis Haysbert
as Major Lincoln
Sam Mendes Sam Mendes
Bobby Cohen Bobby Cohen
Sam Mercer Sam Mercer
Sam Mendes Sam Mendes
William Broyles Jr. William Broyles Jr.
Anthony Swofford Anthony Swofford
Roger Deakins Roger Deakins
Director of Photography
Jim Morrison Jim Morrison
Original Music Composer
Thomas Newman Thomas Newman
Original Music Composer
Walter Murch Walter Murch