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Cowboys from Texas (1939)

Cowboys from Texas (1939)


Cowboys from Texas is a 1939 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by George Sherman.Texas has opened up land for homesteaders. Clay Allison wants their land and has his men led by Plummer try to start a range war between them and the ranchers. With each side suspecting the other of their problems, the Mesquiteers realize someone else is responsible. Stony suspects Plummer and fakes leaving the Mesquiteers to join Plummer's gang hoping to find out who it is.

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Robert Livingston Robert Livingston
as Stony Brooke
Raymond Hatton Raymond Hatton
as Rusty Joslin
Duncan Renaldo Duncan Renaldo
as Rico Rinaldo
Carole Landis Carole Landis
as June Jones
Charles Middleton Charles Middleton
as Kansas Jones
Betty Compson Betty Compson
as Belle Starkey
Ivan Miller Ivan Miller
as Clay Allison
Ethan Laidlaw Ethan Laidlaw
as Duke Plummer
Yakima Canutt Yakima Canutt
as Tex Dawson
Walter Wills Walter Wills
as Jeff Morgan
Ed Cassidy Ed Cassidy
as Jed Tyler
Helen Gibson Helen Gibson
as Settler
Al Haskell Al Haskell
as Barfly
Charles King Charles King
as Cattleman Beau
Jack Kirk Jack Kirk
as Stage Guard
Murdock MacQuarrie Murdock MacQuarrie
as Congressman
Harry McKim Harry McKim
as Tim Jones
Lew Meehan Lew Meehan
as Homesteader
Jack Montgomery Jack Montgomery
as Henchman
Horace Murphy Horace Murphy
as Constable Dan
Forbes Murray Forbes Murray
as Texas Governor
Bill Nestell Bill Nestell
as Bartender
Jack O'Shea Jack O'Shea
as Gambler
Bud Osborne Bud Osborne
as Stage Hijacking Leader
Theodore Roosevelt Theodore Roosevelt
as President Theodore Roosevelt (archive footage)
David Sharpe David Sharpe
as Money Courier
Harry Strang Harry Strang
as Leader of Settlers
Joe Yrigoyen Joe Yrigoyen
as Stage Driver
George Sherman George Sherman
William Colt MacDonald William Colt MacDonald
Oliver Drake Oliver Drake