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Inara, the Jungle Girl (2012)

Inara, the Jungle Girl (2012)

Inara, The Jungle Girl (2012) is about a young girl in the military whose world comes crashing down when her father passes away. Offered a mission to the remote island of N'iah in order to exploit the precious oil and metals found there. Inara discovers that the jungle and the women who inhabit it, have more in common with her than she knows.

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Cali Danger Cali Danger
as Inara Williams
Brittany Bass Brittany Bass
as Senha
Gerald Desmarattes Gerald Desmarattes
as Jackson Biggams
Tim Ross Tim Ross
as Marshal Howard
Brandi Alyssa Young Brandi Alyssa Young
as Nu'al - The Telepath
Blair Martin Blair Martin
as Zahara
Kathy Butler Sandvoss Kathy Butler Sandvoss
as Holy Mother
Destiny Dumon Destiny Dumon
as Gare'n
Ultimate Gojirah Ultimate Gojirah
as Gojen
Charis Jeffers Charis Jeffers
as Solara
Madison Kitten Madison Kitten
as Kiten
Tarver Mcknight Tarver Mcknight
as Joel Williams
Logan Myers Logan Myers
as Tinou
Christopher Robinett Christopher Robinett
as Soldier
Empress Sayuri Empress Sayuri
as N'ah
Sam Sexton Sam Sexton
as Lyta
Jack Stecher Jack Stecher
as Marcus Fletcher
Patrick Desmarattes Patrick Desmarattes
Patrick Desmarattes Patrick Desmarattes
Christian Simpson Christian Simpson