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Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (2013)

Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang (2013)

Zip and Zap, two mischievous twins, were placed in the Esperanza, a school where the games are prohibited. There will found the Club of Marble, child resistance to challenge the authority of adults. Thanks to her intelligence, her courage and her unwavering faith in friendship, Zip and Zap and the rest of the club will discover a mysterious secret that is hidden in the school and live the most exciting adventure of their lives.

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  • Malik Mcclinton says :

    A tad slow at the beginning but worth the watch.

  • Amado Akiyama says :

    Hello! I became sooo happy to search for this movie, been looking for doing it everywhere - so thanks for your time!

  • Denise Dilbeck says :

    I just watched a clip of this movie, and it appears as if an exhilarating movie. With thanks a whole lot for posting!

Claudia Vega Claudia Vega
as Matilda
Javier Gutiérrez Javier Gutiérrez
as Falconetti
Alex Angulo Alex Angulo
as Sebastián Esperanza
Marcos Ruiz Marcos Ruiz
Santi Ugalde Santi Ugalde
Christian Mulas Christian Mulas
as Heidi
Raúl Rivas Raúl Rivas
as Zipi
Daniel Cerezo Daniel Cerezo
as Zape
Alberto López Alberto López
as Pelocohete
Fran García Fran García
as Filo
Verónica Moral Verónica Moral
as Profesora
Oskar Santos Oskar Santos
Jorge Lara Jorge Lara
Francisco Roncal Francisco Roncal
Oskar Santos Oskar Santos
Jorge Lara Jorge Lara

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