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Excalibur (1981)

Excalibur (1981)

Forged by a god. Foretold by a wizard. Found by a king.

The myth of King Arthur brought to the screen. Uthur Pendragon is given the mystical sword Excalibur by Merlyn. At his death Uthur buries the sword into a stone, and the next man that can pull it out will be King of England. Years later Arthur, Uthur's bastard son draws Excalibur and becomes king. Arthur's evil half-sister Morgana sires a son with him, who may prove his downfall.

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Nigel Terry Nigel Terry
as King Arthur
Helen Mirren Helen Mirren
as Morgana
Nicholas Clay Nicholas Clay
as Lancelot
Cherie Lunghi Cherie Lunghi
as Guenevere
Paul Geoffrey Paul Geoffrey
as Perceval
Nicol Williamson Nicol Williamson
as Merlin
Corin Redgrave Corin Redgrave
as Cornwall
Patrick Stewart Patrick Stewart
as Leondegrance
Keith Buckley Keith Buckley
as Uryens
Clive Swift Clive Swift
as Sir Ector
Liam Neeson Liam Neeson
as Gawain
Gabriel Byrne Gabriel Byrne
as Uther Pendragon
Robert Addie Robert Addie
as Mordred
Katrine Boorman Katrine Boorman
as Igrayne
Ciarán Hinds Ciarán Hinds
as King Lot
Niall O'Brien Niall O'Brien
as Kay
Charley Boorman Charley Boorman
as Boy Mordred
John Boorman John Boorman
John Boorman John Boorman
Thomas Malory Thomas Malory
Rospo Pallenberg Rospo Pallenberg
John Boorman John Boorman
Robert A. Eisenstein Robert A. Eisenstein
Executive Producer
Edgar F. Gross Edgar F. Gross
Executive Producer
Trevor Jones Trevor Jones
Original Music Composer
Alex Thomson Alex Thomson
Director of Photography
John Merritt John Merritt
Donn Cambern Donn Cambern
Rospo Pallenberg Rospo Pallenberg