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Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)

Tremors 4: The Legend Begins (2004)

A Revolution Has Begun...

This prequel of the bone-chilling Tremors begins in the town of Rejection, Nev., in 1889, where 17 men die under mysterious circumstances. Spooked by recent events, the miners who populate the town leave in droves until there's nothing left but a shell of a community. It's up to the remaining residents to get to the bottom of the deaths -- but they must do so before they, too, are eradicated off the face of the planet.

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Michael Gross Michael Gross
as Hiram Gummer
Sara Botsford Sara Botsford
as Christine Lord
Billy Drago Billy Drago
as Black Hand Kelly
Brent Roam Brent Roam
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August Schellenberg August Schellenberg
as Tecopa
J.E. Freeman J.E. Freeman
as Old Fred
Ming Lo Ming Lo
as Pyong Lien Chang
Neil Kopit Neil Kopit
as Victor
Sean Moran Sean Moran
as Western Union Clerk
Matthew Seth Wilson Matthew Seth Wilson
as Brick Walters
Lydia Look Lydia Look
as Lu Wan Chang
Sam Ly Sam Ly
as Fu Yien Chang
John Dixon John Dixon
as Big Horse Johnson
S. S. Wilson S. S. Wilson
S. S. Wilson S. S. Wilson
Brent Maddock Brent Maddock
Ron Underwood Ron Underwood
Scott Buck Scott Buck
Nancy Roberts Nancy Roberts
Brent Maddock Brent Maddock
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S. S. Wilson S. S. Wilson
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Jay Ferguson Jay Ferguson
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Virgil L. Harper Virgil L. Harper
Director of Photography
Harry B. Miller III Harry B. Miller III